“I am trying the best I can
With this crude brush, the tongue,
To cover you with light.

I wish I could speak like music.

I wish I could put the swaying splendor
Of the fields into words
So that you could hold Truth
Against your body

And dance.
Dance.Hafiz, from I Wish (via violentwavesofemotion)

(via transcendingthemaze)


Home is where the heart is.

Shipwrecked and homesick
Only way to you, is to bleed my anguish 
I drown, returning to You 
Drunk in love


How do you exist in this world after you have tasted heaven?


"So I loved, until I fell in love"- The Tragedy of al-Hallaj

Pure souls,
Didn’t I tell you not to be seduced by this colorful world?
For I am the Ultimate Painter.
— Rumi

so so beautiful

to the one inside, that sustains me in this restlessness: Koi tu hai meray andar mujhey sambhalay huway; Key bay-qarar sa reh kar bhi barqaraar sa houn..

(via Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi https://www.facebook.com/aliabbaszaidi/posts/10153980120480451?stream_ref=10)



Behind the Scenes - Vogue (April 2014)

Haafiz parh parh karan takabbar, mullaan karan vadyaaee hu, saavan maanh dae badlaan vaangon, phiran kitaaban caaee hu. Jithae vaekhan canga cokha, parhan kalaam savaae hu, dohin jahaanin mutthae Bahu, khaadi vaec kamaaee hu…

Reciting memorisers become haughty scholars push their superiority Hu, like storm clouds in the monsoons, carrying books march about haughtily Hu. Where they see plentiful gain, take to reciting excessively Hu. 
Deluded by both words Baahu; sell their work, consume it fully Hu
- Sultan Bahu

(Source: kadabbs)

“I love my friends neither with
my heart nor with my mind.
Just in case heart might stop, Mind can forget.
I love them with my soul.
Soul never stops or forgets.” Rumi (via harrychillboy)

"If you seek Him,
you will never find Him.
But if you do not seek Him,
He will not reveal Himself to you.”

the hidden key
to unlock this riddle,
is surrender …


falling in love

The more I read Your words

The more I hear Your words 

The more I understand Your words

The more I fall more and more in love with You

I am in love with everything You are 

I am in love with everything you encompass

I am at Your mercy 

Do with me as You please … 



Actually, it’s plural.
Thought(s) of you

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